"I don't believe in luck. I believe in love."

Founder of "the footloose muse,"
"the muse fuse box" &
"the reclusive muse"
Author of "Linger Longer:
Lessons from a Contemplative Life"
Board Certified Massage Therapist
Publisher of Earth's School Of Love Greeting Cards
Contemplative Photographer
Certified Meditation Facilitator
Founder and Facilitator of
"Stand & Tell:
Stories Told by Heart"
Owner/operator of
Sweet Caroline's Vintage Cottage and Artist Retreats
Contributor to Shutterstock at
About me.

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I am Carol Mossa, self-proclaimed Renaissance woman: a woman who is fascinated in and passionate about

a great many things. We used to call folks like me "a jack of all trades," but today I know that I've been blessed with abundant and diverse gifts. Over the years, I have tapped into, and embraced, a wellspring of creative endeavors, and I have succeeded at all.  In the process, I've learned to tell "fear" to take a back seat; me and my muse are behind the wheel. 


I've been, and continue to be, an adventurer who adores travel (often solo), a 3x author,

a respected photographer,

and a passionate and patient 

creative midwife, helping women

of all ages give birth to their

creative visions and dreams, just like I have done for myself over the years. 


As the creator of my virtual presence, "the footloose muse," I am preparing

to launch a portfolio of online courses, including an exclusive monthly product, "the muse fuse box," along with a private, supportive and interactive 

facebook community,

as well as individually curated 

year-round artist retreats

("the reclusive muse"), here at

Sweet Caroline's Vintage Cottage

in seaside Charlestown, Rhode Island. 

We are all gifted, but most of us

never open our packages. If you've been wondering what's been missing in your life, if you've been thinking, "there has to be more," you're right; there is!  

The late Wayne Dyer said it best:

"Don't die with the music

still in you."


If you have a desire to live

a wildly creative life, free from

the bondages of self

and other people's expectations,

you've come to the right place.

Come, linger longer with me! 

Join me on what I call

 "the depression to expression journey." 

Call or text me at 401-741-1974, or email me at carmossa@aol.com, today for more information.