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"May you linger longer over things that matter."

"This book is destined to become

a daily meditation and art gallery all rolled into one."

~Linda Lombardo,


The Voice of Evolution Radio 

An excerpt from the Introduction of Linger Longer: Lessons from a Contemplative Life by Carol Mossa.


"On October 15, 2014, a few months shy of my sixtieth birthday, I embarked on a solo cross-country road trip. I packed little beyond a few changes of clothes, my camera, a few hundred of my Earth's School Of Love greeting cards to sell along the way, and a big dream. That dream was to see this great country of ours through a contemplative lens. Blessedly, I put 9.500 miles on my humble Hyundai Elantra, I slept in nineteen different Airbnb homes, I reconnected with cousins absent from my life since childhood, and I made a whole host of new friends."

                                                                       ~Carol Mossa


Published by Brown Books Publishing Group.
128 pages, full color, hardcover. 

$39.00 includes shipping

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