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the reclusive muse

~private retreats~


"We are all gifted, but most of us never open our packages." 

~Carol Mossa, Creative Midwife


















Come to seaside Charlestown, Rhode Island this year

to experience the magical connection between

you and your authentic, creative, sacred self. 

Let adventurer, author, photographer &

creative midwife, Carol Mossa, inspire you

to connect with the creator lying in wait inside of you. 

These are individually created private retreats

held at Sweet Caroline's Vintage Cottage

(Carol's personal residence). 

Come. Stay for a night, a weekend, or longer,

to work on that creative project

begging to be completed.

Regardless of your creative vision, 

Carol will hold space for you, prepare your meals,

offer artistic critique, and generally

act as the midwife for your project.

Your job is to invite and allow the muse to express.

Why wait? If not now, when?

Contact Carol today at 401-741-1974 or email her

at and start creating

your unique artist's retreat/getaway.  


carol house logo.png

Me and my muse can hardly wait

to return for more." 

                       ~Linda Lombardo

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